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VMP Design Ltd
Ankaranska cesta 7b
Oprtalj 55, 52428 Oprtalj, Hrvatska
6000 Koper
Slovenija http://www.vmpdesign.si/ info@vmpdesign.si
VMP Design is a brand in the renovation of stone houses and ruins, which provide to clients a complete service from the assessment of the potential of stone houses and locations, preparation of preliminary cost analysis, design, project management, meaning managing the process of obtaining permits and all processes during construction/renovation, interior design and furnishing in a unique and recognizable style which is characterized by maximum use of space, natural and authentic materials and high level of equipment.

Our activities: *Design and implementation of project documentation, as well coordination of project documentation with requirements of Conservation Department, *Obtaining permits for reconstruction, and coordination with local authorities and companies – obtaining communal connections, *Detailed design and project of details and elements, *Reconstruction, *Coordination of participants in the process of reconstruction, *Managing and monitoring the reconstruction process, *Designing the interior *Equipping the facility, *Handover of the restored building to investor,

Architectural design: The Ministry of Culture – Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage, states the following about VMP Design – architectural design of stone house reconstruction: “The architect was very considerate approached the project tasks, and its projects are refined blend of function and appreciation of the historical, stylistic and environmental characteristics of the object.”

Project management: “VMP Design Ltd. has been responsible for reconstruction projects and coordination of recovery in all segments. For all reconstruction company submitted an application to the competent Conservation Department in Sibenik and its architect very closely involved in the preparation of project documentation until they are defined all the details of reconstruction. It was a professional approach with successful results for the restored stone house.” – The Ministry of Culture – Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage, statement on VMP Design – project management.