1 - 2 day of Lions youth summer camp 2015

Slika korisnika LionsHR Administrator
LionsHR Adminis... 22 srpnja, 2015 - 08:28

O događajima u Ljetnom Lions kampu za mlade u Puli izvjesit ćemo po danima i to na engleskom jeziku kako bi i oni i njihovi roditelji mogli pročitati o događajima u kampu.


Today we arrived to the camp in Pula. We all travelled for different periods of time to get here, but the one thing we all had in common was that we all were quite tired. Some came with the bus and others by car and some had the host family in Pula already. There were also a boy from Netherlands, Roy, who came directly with the plane from his country and will have his experience with the host family after the camp. The only one missing now is a girl from Israel that is coming on the 14th we are looking forward to meeting her. When we were all gathered and we had found our rooms we went to the restaurant for dinner. After the dinner we came together even more and played some games to learn all the names. We ended the evening with swimming and a beer because of the birthday of our friend Konstantin. All in all it was a great start for this adventure.


We woke up around 8 am and we met everyone in the restaurant for breakfast. We played some cooperation games that were all really funny. For example we tried to pass through a net without touching the strings, we also played a game where we jumped up on each others back. Some of us then went to swim and others were sunbathing (and burning themselves). After that we have been eating lunch and have been playing some more games such as "Who am I?".

At 8 pm the official opening of the camp started. At first we heard some beautiful typical Croatian songs and there were a lot of Lions members, for example the former and the present governor and also the president of Lions Pula who is the director of the camp. We presented who we are and said why are we here in front of everyone and then we got gifts. We combined the celebration of Konstantin’s 20th birthday with the opening ceremony and ate a lot of very good cake. We spent the rest of the evening by the beach, playing the guitar and singing all together. The host father of Konstantin also made a cake and we ate it on the beach and at the end we threw it on his face. We hope all his wishes will come true!